1. Introduction and General Terms

Aspen Media Ltd (Aspen Media) will protect your personal information when you use its products and services.

This Privacy Statement relates to our use of any personal information we collect from you or you provide to us. This includes but is not limited to personal information collected by phone, text, email, via our website, in letters and other correspondence and in person.

Whenever you provide such information, we are legally obliged to use it in line with all applicable laws concerning the protection of personal information, including the Data Protection Act 1998 and the General Data Protection Regulations 2018. No system of data storage can be completely secure; if you have any concerns or complaints that your personal data held by Aspen Media could have been compromised e.g. someone could have discovered your personal details held by us, please get in touch straight away. Our contact details are at section 14 of this statement.

To provide you with the full range of Aspen Media products and services, we sometimes need to collect information about you.

This Privacy Statement explains the following:

  • What information Aspen Media may collect about you
  • How Aspen Media will use information we collect about you
  • When Aspen Media may use your details to contact you
  • Whether Aspen Media will disclose your details to anyone else
  • Your choices regarding the personal information you provide to us

2. What information will Aspen Media collect about me?

When you get in touch with us either via our website, e-mail or telephone we will collect some personal information about you. This can consist of information such as your name, company name and/or trading title, role, email address, business address, telephone or mobile number.

3. How will Aspen Media use the information it collects about me?

Aspen Media will use your personal information for several purposes including the following:

To ensure that we have accurate information so that we may communicate with you and keep you updated of any developments regarding our products and services.

To ensure that we have consent and to confirm that we hold accurate information so that we may contact you at a future date for the purposes of quality control, billing, keeping you up to date or managing any other business-related issues.

4. When will Aspen Media contact me?

Aspen Media may contact you:

In relation or response to any correspondence we receive from you or any other parties involved in the products and services we provide for you.

Standard business process emails (order confirmation, delivery details, invoices etc) are not regulated by GDPR. As such, storing your email address and contact details for these reasons is legitimate and accepted.

5. Will I be contacted for marketing purposes?

Marketing emails and other marketing materials are not considered a necessary function of the business. For these we must receive explicit consent from you before we are able to send you this type of communication. Aspen Media limits marketing information to those that contain content that will be relevant and potentially of interest to our customers and you must opt in to receive this information HERE. (link to opt in form)

6. Will Aspen Media share my personal information with anyone else?

We will keep your information within Aspen Media except where disclosure is required by law (for example to government bodies and law enforcement agencies) or where you have consented to us sharing your information with other parties involved in the service we provide to you, e.g. the manufacturers of the products we have supplied to you.

Generally, we will use your information within Aspen Media and will only share it outside Aspen Media where you have requested it. Aspen Media requires all third parties to comply strictly with its instructions not to use your personal information for their own marketing purposes and only use your information for reasons associated with its business and/or the services we provide for you.

7. How long will Aspen Media keep my information?

We will hold your personal information on our systems for as long as is necessary for the supply of products and services and for any legal requirements. It is anticipated that we will hold your personal information for a period of 6 years to cover any civil claims that might be made and to be able to inform you of any safety recalls.

8. Can I arrange for my data to be deleted?

You may always ask for your information to be deleted by Aspen Media. However, we will hold data in line with statutory and recommended guidelines outlined by the CIPD. Please bear in mind that we may hold your information for a minimum period of 6 years for possible legal reasons or in line with your recommendations based on business need.

Deleting the information Aspen Media holds will erase any personal information we have about you and will mean we won’t be able to use any of the data if it is required for other purposes in future.

Should you wish to do business with Aspen Media at another time, it will be necessary to request the information again.

9. Can I find out what personal information Aspen Media holds about me?

Under the Data Protection Act 1998 and the General Data Protection Regulations 2018 you have the right to request a copy of the personal information Aspen Media holds about you and to have any inaccuracies corrected. (We require you to prove your identity with 2 pieces of approved identification). We will use reasonable efforts consistent with our legal duty to supply, correct or delete personal information about you on our files. To address any requests and questions about this Privacy Statement, please call 01296 681313 or email office’at’aspen-media.com.

The two forms of approved identification can be:

  • Passport
  • Driving licence
  • Birth certificate
  • Utility bill (from last 3 months)
  • Current vehicle registration document
  • Bank statement (from last 3 months)

10. Web browser cookies

  1. a) What is a Cookie?

A cookie is a small amount of data, which often includes a unique identifier that is sent to your computer, tablet or mobile phone (all referred to here as a “device”) web browser from a website’s server and is stored on your device’s hard drive. Each website can send its own cookie to your web browser if your browser’s preferences allow it. Many websites do this whenever a user visits their website to track online traffic flows. Similar technologies are also often used within emails to understand whether the email has been read or if any links have been clicked.

Your web browser may also provide the information about your device, such as an IP address and details about the browser that you are using.

Aspen Media uses Google Analytics to log the activity of visitors to its website. However, all data is anonymised prior to being made available to Aspen Media for analysis.

11. Changes to The Aspen Media Privacy Statement

This Privacy Statement may be updated from time to time and you may wish to check it each time you submit personal information to Aspen Media. If you do not agree to any changes, please do not continue to submit personal information to Aspen Media. You can also ask for your business, personal or sensitive data to be deleted by Aspen Media at any time – (Subject to any legal reasons we may have to keep some of the data we hold about you). If material changes are made to the Privacy Statement, for instance affecting how we would like to use your personal information, we will provide a more prominent notice (including, for certain services, email notification of Privacy Statement changes).

12. Sharing of your data with others

As part of the service that we provide it may be necessary to share information we hold about you with third parties (refer to section 6). Before we share any of that information with any third party we will gain consent from you. If you do not want us to share your personal information with any third party, please let us know immediately.

You also have the right to ask us to share your personal data with anyone you wish. To exercise this right to data portability please write to us, giving full details, using the details provided at section 14 of this statement.

13. Data storage

The data that we collect from you will be stored within the European Economic Area (“EEA”) and will not be transferred outside the EEA unless we have your explicit consent to such transfer and storage. We will take all steps reasonably necessary to ensure that your data is treated securely and in accordance with this privacy statement.

14. Contacting us about this Privacy Statement

If you have any questions or comments about the Aspen Media Privacy Statement, please call 01296 681313 or email office’at’aspen-media.com.