Stagetec – ISE (Jan 30th to Feb 2nd) Stand 5F620

Hear through? No, not a phrase you hear every day, if ever.

But as “see through” describes true transparency in the visual space, so “hear through” is possibly the perfect representation of the audio performance, clarity and quality delivered by a Stagetec Nexus Compact.

Perfectly Hear Through is something that will chime with anyone that’s been fortunate enough to mix on systems equipped with Stagetec’s remarkable 158dB Nexus TrueMatch mic pre-amps. TrueMatch mic inputs, if you’re interested, capture the complete microphone output, avoiding the need for interfering analogue gain or limiting stages prior to the 158dB 32bit AtoD converter.

And Nexus Compact is no exception with its eight TrueMatch microphone inputs – each with individually controlled 4-way splits.

Nexus Compact Version 2 firmware, shown for the first time at ISE24, adds highly capable, useful and appropriately refined audio processing to the remarkable transparency of those Nexus Compact 158dB TrueMatch microphone inputs.

The newly introduced DSP adds a mix-matrix and routable input & output channels equipped with delays, EQ and dynamics to the core router, 158dB Mic, Line, AES3 and Dante or Ravenna audio-over-IP inputs and outputs.

The small but perfectly formed Nexus Compact is a truly all-in-one portable recording or production solution for Dante or Ravenna workspaces, controlled via a fresh and super-friendly browser user interface.

Read more about the Stagetec Nexus Compact here.