DirectOut Technologies – ISE (Jan 30th to Feb 2nd) Stand 7F100

All audio system designers and integrators work constantly to reduce installation costs, shrink system size and weight, cut operational costs and increase resilience and redundancy.

To explicitly service all these important criteria, DirectOut has added a stack of new processing to the core routing, format conversion and sample-rate bridging of the recently introduced PRODIGY.MX Essential.

Available as PRODIGY.MX Advanced, the new adaptable and configurable processing replaces those frustratingly rack-space consuming, power hungry and painful-to-install audio utility units. Devices that otherwise litter every system, just to mix, merge and process multiple signals and get them to the right places and in the right formats.

Whether systems are destined for broadcast, sports & event outside broadcast or touring & festival live sound, the PRODIGY.MX Advanced fulfils these criteria and justifies its inclusion for all the well-understood operational, commercial and climate-protecting reasons.

The key PRODIGY.MX Advanced processing tools are:

  • 64 x 64 mix-matrix with easily configured input and output processing slots
  • 64 Flex channels – freely assignable control channels with input or output processing slots
  • 64ea Dynamics, EQ and Delays freely insertable in any processing slot
  • 64 Input managers – individual channel, six-layer, protection against source or connection failure
  • EARS multi-channel automated redundancy changeover to protect against multi-channel source or connection loss
  • 64 summing buses for the creation of static mixes for monoing, monitor feeds etc.

PRODIGY.MX can be configured and operated by its own multi-unit control application globcon. Alternatively, for full integration with a system-wide control system, PRODIGY.MX can speak Ember+ or OSC if the control system isn’t one of the increasing number that speak PRODIGY JSON.

With six slots for Dante, Ravenna, AVB Milan, SoundGrid and multi-port MADI multichannel interfaces (with or without DirectOut’s remarkable HD-SRC), the PRODIGY.MX offers a truly unique level of flexibility and adaptability.

Read more about the DirectOut PRODIGY.MX here.