DirectOut – 8F65

ANDIAMO Returns!

The return of the ANDIAMO, the much-loved stalwart of the DirectOut portfolio, brings with it three important new features:

Optional IP Audio expansion – 64 Dante I/O channels or 128 channels of Ravenna/AES67/ST2110-30

EARS™ – DirectOut’s automated and transparent redundant changeover technology, deployed by playback, live sound, theatre and broadcast engineers around the world

Summing buses – eight buses that simply mix any signals routed to them

Returning features include the audio routing matrix, dual MADI I/O (now via SFPs) with redundant changeover, dual onboard PSUs and the comprehensive front panel control and status reporting.

Plus, of course, DirectOut’s renowned sonic quality and enduring reliability.

PRODIGY Delivers A Hidden Gem

DirectOut continues to deliver added value for its PRODIGY routers, converters and processors, but hidden amongst the new functions in the latest PRODIGY updates is a little gem.

DirectOut’s products are used extensively in many broadcast applications, often as part of the comms system, providing the bridge between the core comms system and the various breeds of 4-wire connection. To speed set-up or responding to ad hoc changes, globcon and PRODIGY now include 4-Wire (4W) routing. Make a connection between a source and destination to, say, connect a mix-minus cue feed to a commentator’s headset and the return path from microphone to comms system is made automatically.

Drop by stand 8.F65 at IBC to catch up on the many other additions to the PRODIGY and globcon repertoire since you last met at IBC in 2019.

Junger Experts are On Call – 8.A44

This year at IBC 2022 Junger Audio is breaking from trade show take-one-of-everything tradition and simply turning up to have a chat.

With probably the most flexible, adaptable and scalable audio processing in the flexAI platform and its AIXPressor hybrid processor, the focus for the Junger Audio team is “what are your processing tasks looking for a host or the problems you have to be solve, for which flexAI may be the solution?”

Drop by Stand 8.A44 and present them with the audio conundrums that have you scratching your head, they’re up for the challenge.

Nixer Pro Audio – 8.F93

Nixer RL256 – Crossing IP Borders High-Capacity Audio Monitoring

When it’s necessary to build a system with both Dante and Ravenna/AES67/ST2110-30 audio networks, the RL256 is one monitoring system that can take the essential multi-format IP monitoring in its stride.

The RL256 can host up to four 64ch Dante or Ravenna audio network connections to access up to 256 audio sources.

All in a 1U rackmount.

Or, if you’ve managed to keep to just one IP Audio format, the RL256 fitted with up to four network interfaces of the same format is equally effective for your high-capacity or expanding audio monitoring requirements.

Nixer RS32 – All Change!

Live production is full of instances where it’s necessary to quickly swap or switch between two sources. Switch to the backup mic, select the backup connection from a remote outside source, changeover from the support band’s stagebox to the headliner’s, swap virtual soundcheck back to live mics or main playback to backup playback.

With 32 dual-input to single-output switches, the Nixer Pro Audio RS32 delivers quick-to-activate instantaneous input changeovers – individually or in groups of up to 32.

Alternatively, toggle the RS32 mode to Output Switching and the same operational tools will switch a single input between two destinations – for starters: switching stagebox outputs to the backup console…

Stage Tec – 8.C92

Stage Net

As IP technology matures and becomes ubiquitous across all media systems, it is no longer necessary for users or operators to understand the inner-workings of IP networks, stream subscriptions or end-point synchronisation.

Stage Tec and it’s StageNet partners have taken the initiative and stepped away from the usual engineering-led user interfaces currently offered by IP media suppliers. StageNet is an ecosystem that does all the IP heavy lifting, for managing and operating IP based systems, in the background; presenting just the information and controls required to efficiently operate and manage the system.

The perfect control tool for mobile, ad hoc, sports or entertainment productions where a conventional broadcast control system just isn’t practical.

Stop off at the Stage Tec stand 8.C92 and see for yourself at how simple the future of IP system user and operator control will be.


At IBC Stage Tec is showing two new variants of its AVATUS control surface making the AVATUS truly adaptable to any and many applications.

These new variants are based on the standard AVATUS console which features two touchscreens, a multi-function rotary-control panel and faders per console segment.

The AVATUS C offers just two touchscreens and faders per segment with the upper status and monitoring screen optionally removable to reduce the overall footprint, sight-line blocking or weight.

AVATUS E merges status, metering and operational control to the upper screen and replaces the lower screen with the multi-function rotary-control panel reducing the front to back depth to little over half a metre.

All these AVATUS variants can be operated stand-alone or in partnership, so mixing tasks can be distributed to the most convenient or practical locations. But, most importantly, the choice of variant does not impose restrictions on mixer functionality, capability or capacity.

Nexus Compact NXCT-1

Stage Tec’s TrueMatch Mic Pres are consistently and simply lauded with one word: transparent. But this transparency has, until now, been exclusive to Stage Tec’s Nexus card-based distributed routing and processing system.

With the launch of the Nexus Compact, the TrueMatch transparency is now available in a portable and stand-alone package for those smaller, specialist projects.

Nexus Compact NXCT includes:

  • Eight TrueMatch 158dB dynamic range mic inputs with 4 splits
  • 64ch Dante or AES67/ST2110-30 I/O
  • Four AES3 inputs and outputs
  • Eight analogue outputs

NXCT is a purist, no-frills pre-amp, router and converter. Future releases will include onboard processing appropriate for the highest quality recording and production.

Check out the 158dB of transparency delivered by Nexus Compact at stand 8.C92– you’ll be impressed.